SYTYCD does Beirut's "The Gulag Orkestar"

So You Think You Can Dance? didn't start out as a platform for artists to get their music heard on, but look how far it's come! Known well by the Pitchfork-following community, Zach Condon's Eastern-European flavored group Beirut was featured on SYTYCD, and a couple fans are up in arms about it.

Personally, I think it's a bit silly nowadays to be upset when your favorite "underground" band gets their song on a TV show, because it's been happening for a while now (remember how The OC was notorious for that?). It's perfectly acceptable for bands to "sell out" nowadays due to the serious decline in album sales over the past 10 least, in my humble opinion. 

As a Beirut fan (I'm going to see their show next week), I think this is a great dance performance to an equally great song — even if Cat Deeley is a little annoying.

~ A.H.