Taylor Swift + Ed Sheeran Take A Break From Recording, Sing "Lego House"

Did you guys know that Taylor Swift recruited brilliant singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran for a song on her yet-to-be-titled new album? The pop/country superstar is currently recording the follow-up to Speak Now, her smash record from 2010, and we're so stoked to hear that her and Ed's minds are coming together to write some killer lyrics. The Internet went abuzz with a quick vid of Swift and Sheeran performing "Lego House" (one of Ed's songs) on what looks to be a kitchen floor:

Was that the shortest teaser you've ever seen in your life or what? Now, we're not sure if Taylor and Ed will actually have a duet on T.Swift's new album or if he's just lending his writing talents to a future tune, but we're still excited to see (and hear) what comes out of their collaboration.

What do you think the lyrics will be like on Taylor and Ed's song together? Let us know in the comments.