Taylor Swift Explains How Her "Begin Again" Lyrics Came From Real Life

"Took a deep breath in the mirror / He didn't like it when I wore high heels / But I do" That's how Taylor Swift's latest single, the introspective and hopeful "Begin Again," starts off. Recently in an interview with People Country, Swift revealed that those lyrics come from her real life. "One day [I was] going to meet friends, [and] I had heels on," she told the magazine, "[I] thought, 'I should take those off,' but realized I want to wear them and we're not together. There's no one to look at me skeptically anymore."

"Begin Again" is the quintessential song about how a bad relationship can break you down and make you feel hopeless. "When you're in a dark relationship, all you talk about are problems," said Swift. She goes on to explain another line of lyrics from the song:

"And we walked down the block to my car / And I almost brought him up / But you start to talk about the movies / That your family watches every single Christmas / And I want to talk about that / And for the first time / What's past is past"

"That moment came from real life," she explained, "when that conversation happened, I thought, 'This is so light and innocent and good. I want this.'"

Watch the video for "Begin Again":

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