Taylor Swift: Songwriting Addict?

Recently, in an interview with LA radio host Kidd Kraddick, Miss TayTay admitted that she starts to panic if she hasn't written a new song in at least two weeks. Here's the quote from Swifty herself:

"Every time I go about two weeks without writing a song I sit there and have, like, an anxiety attack and...I feel like I'm never gonna write a song again, and then I have nightmares about it and I stay up and I can't sleep and then I end up, like, writing a song the next day. The thought of never writing a song again is the scariest thing in the world; It's, like, one of my top fears."

Uh oh, looks like someone's on their way to Songwriters Anonymous! We've got a couple of suggestions for poor Taylor to help her get over this odd fear:

  • Become a songwriter for someone else — less pressure on herself, and people like Jessie J, Ke$ha, and even Katy Perry songwrite for others on the side!

  • Keep a notebook next to her bed where she writes out her thoughts at night and the details of her dream in the morning — takes the edge off, and might gain lyric material to work with!

  • Hand over some of that songwriting anxiety to Justin Timberlake —  we all know the guy needs to release new music!

Do you have any suggestions for Taylor?

~ A.H.