Taylor Swift Uses Her Own Lyrics To Keep Out Trespassers

The country-pop singer doesn't take likely to strangers. See what lyric message she has for trespassers on her Rhode Island property...

TaylorTrespassImage c/o Jag Gundu (Getty)

When you're as famous as Taylor Swift, it can be challenging to maintain your privacy in today's world of accessibility through social media. Which is why the country-pop diva is going to new lengths to discourage trespassers on her new Rhode Island property. Clearly displayed on various signs around the singer's home, TayTay borrows a line of lyrics from her smash hit "I Knew You Were Trouble" and tells off the public with this message:

05tswiz1Image c/o entertainmentwise.com

Hopefully that'll teach those nosy trespassers, T.Swift! For now, revisit Taylor's epic "I Knew You Were Trouble" music video on VEVO below: