Tegan and Sara Admit "I Was A Fool" In Their Moody New Lyric Video

As far a heartbreak and breakup songs go, Tegan and Sara are basically experts in the genre and many of their songs make us feel so many feelings. Their new one "I Was A Fool" and its accompanying lyric video is no exception: these women cut to our core with their lyrics! The song starts out like this:
"Do you remember I searched you out / How I climbed your city's walls? / Do you remember me as devout / How I prayed for your calls?"

This describes the beginnings of a relationship: pursuing somebody, climbing the emotional walls that everyone puts up at first, hoping and praying that they'd call. Then the song continues as the relationship evolves:
"I stuck around / I did behave / I saved you every time / I was a fool for love"

When you really love somebody you're willing to take a lot of emotional baggage on for them, saving them from their mistakes and sticking with them through hardships. But sometimes it gets to be too much:
"Then you blamed me and blocked me out / How long did you think I'd last? / Then you disappeared for weeks to pout / How many times could I pack?"

Sometimes relationships are tested but the one in this song just sounds too tumultuous. Watch the lyric video above to see a girl wander around the city while the lyrics of the song float around her.

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