The 10 Best Music Moments From The OC

Relive your favorite TV drama by counting down the best music moments from the show with us...


Big news for fans of the infamous TV drama The OC: the show first aired 10 years ago today, and if that doesn't make you feel old, we don't know what does! We remember being there for the premiere of the show that changed people's music tastes forever, because of their selective musical programming that featured bands who were just under the radar. We're celebrating one of television's most beloved phenomenons today by counting down our favorite music moments from The OC, from ten to one, complete with the lyrics that shaped them all:

10. Spoon - The Way We Get By

"We get high in back seats of cars / We break into mobile homes / We go to sleep to shake appeal / Never wake up on our own / And that's the way we get by..."

The music producers were big fans of Spoon, and put lots of their music on the TV show. The band's moody sound fit the tone of so many moments on The OC, especially this one, which played in the first season and showcased the rolling waves and beaches of the show's location.

9. Finley Quaye with William Orbit - Dice

"Nothing can compare / To when you roll the dice and swear your love's for me..."

Who can forget when Ryan doesn't commit to spending New Years Eve with Marissa, but then runs to be by her side at the last minute to this song? One of TV's most romantic moments, for sure.

8. The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

"Boy, one day you'll be a man / Oh girl, he'll help you understand / Smile like you mean it..."

We really think it was The OC who broke The Killers, since their live appearance on the show at The Bait Shop, the town's local music venue, really piqued people's interest in the synth-rock group.

7. Death Cab For Cutie - A Lack Of Color

"If you feel discouraged when there's a lack of color here / Please don't worry lover, it's really bursting at the seams..."

Seth's favorite band had to make the list of the best music moments of The OC, and of course the band was featured live at The Bait Shop to Seth's content.

6. Nada Surf - If You Leave

"If you leave, don't leave now / Please don't take my heart away..."

One of the biggest tear-jerking moments was when Seth's on-again-off-again squeeze Anna went back home to Pittsburgh, and Seth begged her to stay. His dramatic rush to the airport, as well as the goodbye scene, will always be brought to life when Nada Surf's cover of the 80s classic hits the stereo.

5. OK Go - You're So Damn Hot

"You don't love me at all, but don't think that it bothers me at all / You're a bad-hearted boy-trap, babydoll..."

Who could forget when Seth's grandfather brought his new, young, ridiculously attractive girlfriend over to the Cohens for a swim? Ok Go's song played in the background as she emerged from the pool, leaving Seth and Ryan flabbergasted.

4. Rooney - I'm Shakin'

"Now I'm, now I'm I'm sha-sha-shakin, sha-shakin' I'm / Sha-sha-shakin, sha-shakin' I'm..."

Remember when the gang went to go see the cool new band on the block, Rooney? Luke made a fool of himself at the concert, and creepy Oliver stuck again when he was arrested for drug possession at the show. Yipes.

3. Ryan Adams - Wonderwall

"Because maybe / You're gonna be the one that saves me / And after all / You're my wonderwall..."

Picture Seth and Summer having a romantic dance in his bedroom to this song after he puts Ryan Adams' beautiful cover of Oasis' massive single on the record player, and instantly feel both romantic and nostalgic for the adorable TV pair. Sigh. <3

2. Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek

"Hide and seek / Trains and sewing machines / All those years / They were here first..."

Everybody remembers the season 2 cliffhanger on the show where Marissa saved Ryan from his brother and Imogen Heap played, making the emotional song a huge hit. We can't hear this song without thinking about the dramatic scene.

1. Phantom Planet - California

"We've been on the run / Driving in the sun / Looking out for #1 / California here we come / Right back where we started from..."

There's no denying that the most memorable music moment from The OC is, and always will be, the starting credits. Why? Because the show's theme song will forever go down in history, because how can you not sing along to "California, here we come"?

What were YOUR favorite moments from The OC? We want to know! Share yours in the comments...