The 10 Best Songs From Pop Star Mamas

Just in time for Mother's Day, these 10 pop stars know a thing or two about motherhood, especially in their lyrics!

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Being a pop star and a mother just seems to come hand-in-hand these days, doesn't it? The baby boom of our favorite singing divas over the past few years has led to some of the cutest celeb kids, as well as some of the most fierce mamas in music, who show us a thing or two about balancing being an icon to both the public and their children. Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 11th this year, and because we have nothing but love and respect for all the musical mothers out there, we've picked 10 songs from 10 pop star mamas dedicated to their little ones. Read on to see what songs we picked just in time for Mother's Day!

10. Courtney Love -- "Hold On To Me"

Baby, 'til you have been alive / Hang on to me, forever baby / I could always swim / Hold on to me...

Written for Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean, the rockin' mama wanted to set the record straight with all the nasty tabloid stories written about her, from her off-the-chain antics to the rumor that Love herself was responsible for the Nirvana frontman's passing.

9. Kelis -- "Song For The Baby"

With you, love never dies / 'Cause I love you more than you'll ever know...

Remember when Kelis and Nas used to be married? The ex-hip-hop couple welcomed son Knight in 2009, and the "Milkshake" diva penned this gorgeous track for her newborn son.

8. Madonna -- "Dear Jessie"

Baby face don't grow so fast / Make a special wish that will always last / Rub this magic lantern / He will make your dreams come true, for you...

Now, this track wasn't written for any of Madonna's children -- it was on her album 1989 album Like A Prayer -- but it was the first time the pop queen showcased her maternal side. The track was actually co-written by her longtime songwriting partner Patrick Leonard for HIS daughter, which is a cute pop tidbit.

7. Alicia Keys -- "Speechless"

When I look at you / I'm just speechless baby, don't know what to say / I'm just speechless baby, the poet in me has gone away...

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz had their first child, Egypt, in 2010, and was just so "speechless" over him that she enlisted the help of rapper Eve to record this precious track just for him.

6. Christina Aguilera -- "All I Need"

You bring me hope when I can't breathe / You give me love, you're all I need / Slowly I'm holding you closely / So happy to carry you inside me...

Xtina's album Bionic may have been a total flop, but this tender track from the record has the powerhouse singing about carrying her son Max from a perspective that only a mother can know.

5. Pink -- "True Love"

Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be / But without you I'm incomplete (I think it must be) / True love...

This track may not be about Pink and Carey Hart's child together, Willow Sage, but we included it on the list because the adorable tot appears in the track's music video. She also added "bells" and "bass" to the recording process of Pink's 2012 album The Truth About Love, so we just had to include it (plus, fellow pop mama Lily Allen's featured on the hit!). We bet Pink has some songs up her sleeve for her next record about her little bundle of joy, too.

4. Lily Allen -- "Life For Me"

Everything's perfect, yeah I'm as content as can be / This is the life for me (this is the life for me, yeah)...

One of pop's mouthiest mamas, Lily Allen, has two girls with hubby Sam Cooper and references all three of her other family members quite a bit on her latest record Sheezus. "Life For Me" is all about balancing being a pop star and a mommy -- it's tough, but it's the life for her!

3. Shakira -- "The One Thing"

Every morning when you wake up / I wanna hold you / I just need to be wrapped around you / It's kinda funny when you think that you just got here / Now I know I can't live without you...

Shakira's latest self-titled record has a lovely little track on it dedicated to new baby boy Milan, who she declares in the song's lyrics that all she wants to do is be around him. She can't even remember her life without the little guy!

2. Britney Spears -- "My Baby"

Tiny hands, yes, that's you / And all you show, it's simply true / I smell your breath, it makes me cry / I wonder how I've lived my life...

On this special song from Britney's 2008 album Circus, the mama of Jayden James and Sean Preston oohs and awes over how adorable her babies are and it's some seriously adorable stuff. Underrated BritBrit track, much?

1. Beyonce -- "God Made You Beautiful"

When you were born / The angels sighed in delight / They never thought they'd see such a beautiful sight / You took the breath / And the world was right again / Tears were shed / How we have been blessed...

Seeing as miss Blue Ivy is pop baby royalty, the daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z had to make the top spot on our list. Bey penned this heavenly tune not only for Blue, but for her documentary Life Is But A Dream. We bet this happy hip-hop family is gonna have a blissed-out Mother's Day!

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What pop diva momma is your fave? Happy Mother's Day from all of us at MetroLyrics: be sure to check out our Mother's Day playlist on Spotify as well!