The 10 Most Personal Lyrics from 'Britney Jean'

Britney Spears' latest release is deeper than you'd think! See her most personal lines...

It's finally here! Britney Jean, the most personal album from Britney Spears yet, has just hit the shelves, and it's been on repeat all day over here at MetroLyrics. But what makes the release so deep, compared to her previous seven albums? Ms. Spears has a few bangers off the album that are all about getting her groove on, but she's also got some seriously personal words penned down. We're taking a look into the lyrics off Britney Jean to see which ones bare BritBrit's soul the most:

10. "Do I imagine it, or do I see your stare / Is there still longing there? / Oh I hate myself, and I feel crazy / Such a classic tale..." -- Perfume

9. "Cause you came and you gave me a place / A place to lay all my pain, watch you take it away..." -- Til It's Gone

8. "Boy, if I lost you / I'd lose myself / And I wouldn't feel the way I feel now..." -- It Should Be Easy

7. "Hide your tears and dry your eyes / Cause I don't wanna see you cry..." -- Don't Cry

6. "There was a time I was one of a kind / Lost in the world out of me myself and I / Was lonely then like an alien..." -- Alien

5. "I'll let you lead the way now / Cause I want you to take the wheel / I've never been a passenger though / I never knew how good it could feel..." -- Passenger

4. "I loved so much that I cried / I danced so much til I was tired / I drank some red wine and now I'm walking on the sky / I had the time of my life..." -- Chillin' With You

3. "He guides me to the lights above / I just wanna fall into his arms tonight / Someone tell me I, I will be alright..." -- Hold On Tight

2. "You are the light of my beautiful life / I could never let go..." -- Brightest Morning Star

1. "Lived a wasteful life in a hateful city / The world's no love just pain and pity / Til I found you..." -- Now That I Found You

Watch the lyric video for "Perfume" on VEVO below:

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