The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards: Who We Think Will Win


Since we're less than a week away until the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, we though it would be fitting to list out all the major nominees and who will most likely walk away with a Moonman trophy. With Rihanna and Drake tied at five nominations each & Katy Perry and Beyonce both at four nods, do you agree with our picks for who's gonna win? Check the nods and the predicted winners below and let us know if you think we're right:

Video of the Year

We've got to say: this is quite an impressive selection for Video Of The Year. All five of these vids were on repeat all year for us, but when it comes to the winner, we think that Gotye's got this on lock. Why? Because the iconic mosaic-style that the Australian native used on his hit music video will forever go down in history.

Best Male Video

With all of these awesome male nominees, it was hard to nail down who's gonna walk away with Best Male Video. But we have to be honest: those Beliebers really know how to support their pop idol, so we think the power of Justin Bieber's fans will help him win.

Best Female Video

We loooooove all the amazing females in this category, so this might have been the hardest one to pick a winner from out of all the nods! After careful consideration, we went with Beyonce because her dance moves are a force to be reckoned with in her music video for "Love On Top". She is the Queen Bey, after all.

Best New Artist

If there's any amount of fans that can challenge Justin Bieber's, it's the fans of One Direction. The UK-based boy band BLEW UP this year, and as much as all the other Best New Artist nods deserve this trophy, all the One Directioners out there will make sure their favorite band will take this award.

Best Pop Video

Again, we're going to have to go with Justin Bieber on this one. As much as we'd like Rihanna or even fun. to win, we think the Beliebers will stop at nothing to have their precious JB win the Best Pop Video of the year.

Best Video with a Message

Let's face it, guys: Demi Lovato really came into her own this year. So we totally think the young pop diva will take the Best Video With A Message award, since she was so honest about her trials and tribulations with her fans. You go, Demi!

Most Share-Worthy Video

This is a cool new category for 2012! The video that was probably your most-shared on social media has been narrowed down to literally the most popular videos of 2012. But there can only be one winner, and we think we've got the winner picked out. The song of 2012 was clearly Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", so we're gunning for her to win!

We want to hear your  2012 MTV Video Music Awards predictions! Who do you think will win big?