The 5 Best Adele "Rolling In The Deep" Covers

Rolling In The Deep is the song that doesn't quit. Adele's powerful jazzy ballad has been in our Top 10 most searched song lyrics for MONTHS and it doesn't seem to be waning. As with all infectious songs, the desire to cover Rolling In The Deep has been huge and a simple Youtube search of "Adele covers" yields thousands of results. Well, we did the legwork for you and picked out the 5 best (in our humble opinion!) covers of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"! Count it down now... 

5. Maddi Jane

Maddi Jane is only 11 years old and yet she still has the amazing talent and voice-development to nail this incredibly hard song. Fun fact: The audio for this was recorded live on the ice at a hockey game! 

4. Mike Tompkins A Capella cover

Mike Tompkins Youtube Sensation (that's his legal name, I think. Just kidding.) has done it again, people! He is known for covering songs with his voice (well, duh) but more importantly, he uses his voice for ALL the instrumental parts in the song! Pretty cool stuff.

3. Jorge and Alexa Narvaez

This impossibly adorable father-daughter duo are the same cuties who did the amazing viral cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Home". The dad, Jorge, clearly has an awesome voice and musical talent and the best part is that he's instilling the love of music into his daughter Alexa one song at a time — heartwarming!

2. Linkin Park

Who knew Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington had such a great voice? Not saying his powerful rock style doesn't convey talent but I never expected such a sensitive rendition of Rolling In The Deep from him! It's also beautiful to hear the audience join in and have a great big sing along. 

1. John Legend

This has to be our favorite cover (which is why it's at #1 obviously...) of Rolling In The Deep. Mr. John Legend's beautiful voice carries us away on a cloud as he becomes Adele's perfect male counterpart. 

Have you seen any other Rolling In The Deep or Adele covers we should know about? Tell us in the comments!