The 5 Best Lyric Videos of 2013

This year was jam-packed with some of the best lyric vids we've ever seen...

Ah, lyric videos. As probably one of our favorite ways to learn the lines to songs, we're big fans, and 2013 was certainly the year for artists to one-up each other as they fought for your views. What makes a great lyric video, exactly? Well, it just has to capture your attention, really. It also helps if the song itself is good, which didn't make our job of finding the 5 best lyric videos of the year any easier, but we think we've narrowed it down nicely.

Count down with us over at MetroLyrics as we go from five to one in the best lyric videos of 2013 shortlist:

5. Mayer Hawthorne ft. Kendrick Lamar -- Crime

Talk about a bad-to-the-bone lyric video: Mayer Hawthorne enlisted the help of Kendrick Lamar to ask the partying such a crime? With footage from real-life cop cameras as they chase criminals, this could be one of the most intense lyric vids ever.

4. U2 -- No Ordinary Love

This beautiful lyric video was made to showcase the lyrics to U2's "Ordinary Love", their contribution to Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, the documentary about now-fallen Nelson Mandela. With his recent passing, the extraordinary lyrics take on that much more meaning.

3. M.I.A. -- Come Walk With Me

Talk about trippy! M.I.A. went totally graphic (in the computer imagery way, not the NSFW way!) in her "Come Walk With Me" lyric video, totally hypnotizing viewers with its early-2000s style depictions of Hindu deities. Stunning!

2. John Mayer -- Paper Doll

One of YouTube's biggest stars of 2013? Why, the Prancercise Lady, of course! And John Mayer made the smart move to hire her to star in his lyric video for "Paper Doll". Although, we do have to say: the lady steals the show with her moves, and we kind of forgot it was a John Mayer lyric vid...

1. Katy Perry -- Roar

It's safe to say that Katy Perry's "Roar" lyric video was probably the biggest of 2013. It might have been because the song itself was such a smash, but the adorable iMessaging between her & her closest friends had us totally captivated, learning the lyrics through Emojis one line at a time. Way to go, Katy!

What was YOUR favorite lyric video of 2013? Share it with us!