The 5 Best Nicki Minaj Super Bass Covers

What is it about Nicki Minaj's Super Bass that makes people want to do their own renditions? It's been in our Top 5 most viewed lyrics for months and doesn't seem to be slowing down yet. So why are so many people so into Super Bass?! We think it has to do with the challenge: it's so fast that most people can't even sing along (myself included) so anyone that can wants to show off their skills! Here are some of the most memorable Super Bass covers we've come across...

5. Karmin Music

Karmin Music first garnered fame when they covered Chris Brown's Look At Me Now but apparently Super Bass was one of their most-requested songs to cover so they got a special guest to appear on the track - Quest Love of The Roots!

4. Julie Anne San Jose

This cover from Filipina singer Julie Anne San Jose has over 8.5 million views and is the 3rd most-viewed Super Bass cover YouTube. Her voice is amazing so it's not hard to hear why this cover is so popular....

3. Selena Gomez

The appeal for Nicki Minaj isn't lost on fellow popstars — Selena Gomez expertly covers the song backstage in her dressing room and has done it on stage at a concert at least once before.

2. Taylor Swift (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been friends for a while so it's only fitting they would like the same music! Swifty has covered Super Bass at numerous shows but our favorite, of course, is when Nicki Minaj comes out to surprise Taylor's audience!

1. Sophia Grace Brownlee (feat. Rosie Grace McClelland)

Finally, we have the holy grail of Super Bass covers; little Sophia Grace Brownlee (age 8!) with some backup dancing and singing courtesy of her cousin Rosie. We can't believe an 8-year-old has so much attitude, not to mention actual singing talent!

Sophia's cover (with help from her lil cousin of course) even earned her a spot on Ellen and a surprise drop-in from Nicki Minaj herself! The girls were later treated to a Barbie-filled shopping spree by Nicki. LUCKY!

So, do you know any more covers worth checking out? Which one of the above vids is your fave?