The 5 Best Songs Featuring R. Kelly

From Bieber to Gaga, the R&B legend has improved many a song or two. Count them down with us!

Despite a bit of controversy surrounding R. Kelly in the past few years, the R&B king is back, y'all, with his twelfth studio album Black Panties. Not surprisingly, the album's lyrics are definitely NSFW (case in point: "Cookie"), but because it's R. Kelly, they're also kind of hilarious. Not to mention, the dude's been KILLING it in the duets department recently!

Which is why we've rounded up the best of the best R. Kelly features in recent years, all of which we can't stop jammin' out to...ever. Join us & crank up the volume as we ball out to the 5 best R. Kelly features:

5. "Trying To Be Cool (Remix)"

R. Kelly & Phoenix: never thought you'd see the day, did you? Phoenix's best single from their latest album Bankrupt! let the R&B crooner add his own verse to the track, and the line "I'mma walk up in the club / I'mma holla at the honeys / I'mma have a few laughs / Take a few shots / And throw a little money" definitely gave us a few laughs.

4. "PYD"

Justin Bieber surprised us all when his #MusicMondays release had the Kellster featured on "PYD", and it could be one of the Biebs' best tracks to date, simply because R. Kelly adds "'Cause I've been doing forensics / On your body in this club" to a JUSTIN BIEBER SONG. Amazing.

3. "We Been On"

"Take a lifetime to spend money this long", spits R.Kelly in Rich Gang's hustle anthem, which is a hilariously typical line in rap, but without RK, this song would be typical too.

2. "Go Getta"

Who hasn't screamed the chorus "GO GETTAAAAAAAA" once or twice in their lifetime? Young Jeezy's ode to, well, being the best baller of all was made all the better by having R. Kelly sing the hook.

1. "Do What U Want"

There's just no denying that Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" is one of 2013's best singles, and potentially, THE song of the year. Why? Gaga & Kelly putting their best belts on, Gaga growling and RK shouting "WE DON'T GIVA A FUUUUUUU-", it's safe to say we can't wait to duet this one on a karaoke night one day.

Do you have a favorite song featuring R. Kelly? Let us know what it is in the comments.