5 Totally Underrated Christmas Songs

We think these ol-skool Xmas pop jams don't get as much love as they could during the holiday season.

Whenever Christmas time rolls around, everybody breaks out the classics: from Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" to more traditional efforts like "Silent Night" or "Let It Snow", there are those signature Xmas anthems that continuously get played each and every year. Just check out our Top 100 lyrics right now: half of them are tried-and-true Christmas lyrics! But what about the songs that get ignored more often than they should?

We're turning to some of our favorite holiday hits, their lyrics, and what makes them so gosh darn good. Maybe this Christmas, they'll get the recognition they deserve...

5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing — Jessica Simpson

"Hark! the herald angels sing / Glory to the new born King / Peace on earth and mercy mild / God and sinners reconciled..."

We love this one from Ms. Simpson, because, well, who can deny the gal's got golden pipes? Plus, the added gospel choir gives it that extra zing that other versions of this carol tend to lack.

4. Christmas Wrapping — The Spice Girls

"Bah, humbug...no, that's too strong / 'Cause it's my favorite holiday / But all this year's been a busy blur / Don't think I have the energy..."

Covering the cult hit by The Waitresses, our fave pop group (of all time) delivers one of the season's most kooky, fun songs of all. We love the story line: the gals don't have time for the festivities, but a happy ending is had by all when you get to the end of the song.

3. Merry Christmas Baby — Hanson

"Oh, Merry Christmas baby / Sure did treat me nice, treat me so nice / Buyin' me all those pretty presents / I feel like I'm in paradise..."

Written all the way back in 1947, this awesome bluesy Xmas jam has been covered by many an artist in its time, but we love how Hanson make it all their own. Snowed In is one of our favorite Christmas albums ever!

2. Feliz Navidad — Boney M.

"Feliz navidad / Feliz navidad / Feliz navidad / Prospero anoy felicidad..."

Hands down, the best version of this bilingual seasonal hit belongs to Boney M. We could listen to this year round...and we kinda do. Confession time.

1. This Gift — 98 Degrees

"'Cause I've been waiting to give this gift tonight / I'm down on my knees, there's no better time..."

Sigh, 98 Degrees. With voices so smooth and all that charm and charisma of a late 90s boy band, This Christmas is a totally underrated holiday album that we religiously throw on each and every December.

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Tell us your most underrated Christmas song in the comments!

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