In case you hadn't heard, Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories is available to stream on iTunes! With all this excitement regarding the electronic duo's new record, we thought we'd take a listen and pull the best lyrics from each song off RAM...

1. Give Life Back to Music

"Let the music in tonight / Just turn on the music..."

2. The Game of Love

"There is a game of love / This is the game of love / And it was you..."

3. Giorgio by Moroder

"You want to free your mind about a concept of harmony and music being correct / You can do whatever you want..."

4. Within

"I've been, for sometime, looking for someone / Fighting to know them / Please tell me who I am..."

5. Instant Crush (ft. Julian Casablancas)

"I didn't want to be the one to forget / I thought of everything I'd never regret / The little time with you is all that I get..."

6. Lose Yourself to Dance (ft. Pharrell Williams)

"Lose yourself to dance / Everybody dancing on the floor / Can't do any more anymore..."

7. Touch (ft. Paul Williams)

"Kiss, suddenly alive / Happiness arrive / Hunger like a storm / How do I begin?"

8. Get Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)

"We've come too far / To give up who we are / So let's raise the bar / And our cups to the stars..."

9. Beyond

"Dream, beyond dreams / Beyond life you will find your song..."

11. Fragments of Time (ft. Todd Edwards)

"Keep holding these random memories / Turning our days into melodies / But since I can't stay..."

12. Doin' It Right (ft. Panda Bear)

"If you do it right, letting go all night / Shadows on you break out into the light / If you lose your way tonight/ That's how you know the magic's right..."

13. Contact

"I don't know whether that does you any good, but there's something out there..."

- - -

What are YOUR favorite lyrics from Random Access Memories? Share them with us!