The Black Keys New Song - PLUS Their Answers To Some Burning Questions!

The Black Keys have had an amazing year; in May 2010 their sixth studio album Brothers was released and the band who had enjoyed quiet success for years prior blew up commercially. You could hear their songs on commercials, in movies, and on television and The Black Keys started to become a household name. 

Their unique blues-rock style and the distinctive voice of lead vocalist Dan Auerbach are what make The Black Keys truly stand out. They recently released the first single and video off their upcoming album El Camino entitled "Lonely Boy" and the clip has gone viral: 

Our friends over at KROQ had the chance to sit down with lead singer Dan Auerbach and to ask him 21 questions. Here are some of our favorite ones:

KROQ: You have to sing a karaoke song right now. What's the song?

Dan Auerbach: I've never sung karaoke and I don't think I ever will. Actually, I'm positive I'll never sing karaoke.

KROQ: Pearl Jam or Nirvana?

Dan Auerbach: I would say... Don't know. It depends. It depends on who I run into more often I guess. That's the politically correct answer.

KROQ: What would you like your tombstone to read.

Dan Auerbach: I don't want to have a tombstone. I just went and saw Johnny Cash's tombstone last week and it was so gaudy and huge. I don't want to have a tombstone at all. I would rather just have my ashes thrown in the...river or something like that.

Do those questions intrigue you? You can read more of KROQ's Twenty Questions With Dan Auerbach on their blog where he answers such gems as "If you could join the Wu Tang Clan, what would be your Wu name?" and "Skinny jeans or boot cut?". And don't forget to pick up The Black Keys' album El Camino when it comes out on December 6th!