The Chain Gang Of 1974 Gives Us His Handwritten Lyrics

Only we have the handwritten lyrics to "Sleepwalking" by the up-and-comer!

The Chain Gang Of 1974 is a musical project of singer-songwriter Kamtin Mohager that specializes in vibrant synth-driven pop-music. The band's new single "Sleepwalking," the first off of their latest LP Daydream Forever, showcases Mohager's penchant for writing lyrics inspired by universal themes like youth, beauty, love, and loss. To showcase his words, Mohager created a piece of handwritten lyric art, exclusively for us.

"Sleepwalking" is a significant song in that it signals a pivotal moment in Mohager's life. After taking time off following a difficult period in his life, Mohager took up surfing—a decision he says changed his life and lead him toward a healthier lifestyle. One day after a surf session, friends convinced Mohager to get back to work on new music. Feeling rejuvenated by his newfound pastime, he headed for the studio, and four hours later, "Sleepwalking" was written and recorded. Interestingly, Mohager wrote the song's lyrics from a balcony overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

Check out the handwritten artwork from Mohager for his "Sleepwalking" lyrics below.

And here's Mohager holding up his custom artwork:

Bonus: the band is offering a chance for one lucky person to WIN this awesome piece of lyric art. All you have to do is share this post across any of your social media networks and hashtag it #Sleepwalking. The band will pick three lucky winners by Monday, February 10th.

Listen to "Sleepwalking" by watching the official lyric video below:

You can download The Chain Gang Of 1974's new album Daydream Forever off iTunes now.

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