The Civil Wars Share Their Moody New Lyric Video

Their "Dust To Dust" lyric video is anything but nails on a chalkboard...

Each time we listen to The Civil Wars, we think: why aren't they more popular than they already are? Their unique style of haunting Americana, country, and blues is such a treat to listen to, and even though the band are currently on hiatus, they did release an unexpected self-titled album that we exclusively premiered all the lyrics to back in July.

They're still teasing us with the release of their lyric video for "Dust To Dust", a gorgeous song sung between two potential lovers finally finding their way into one another's hearts. With the ode's lyrics scrawled on a chalkboard, it fits the "Dust To Dust" mood of the track so well, and we sincerely hope The Civil Wars give up on their hiatus for future opportunities.

Watch the lyric video for "Dust To Dust" by The Civil Wars on VEVO below: