The Country Music Guide To Beach Season

Cool off this summer with these hot tips to stay fresh in the summer heat from some of today's biggest country lyrics...

CountryTipsImages c/o Christopher Polk | Beth Gwinn | Scott Gries (Getty)

Phew! It's hot out there! Do you know how to beat the heat this summer? If anybody knows how to handle the year's warmest month, it's country singer/songwriters, who are known to paint vivid pictures of country living in the sunshine with their lyrics. Which is why we're turning to their words when it comes to staying fresh this summer season. So what are you waiting for? Check out these top 5 tips on how to handle beach season, thanks to some of country's biggest stars:

Tip #1: Don't forget the sunscreen

"She's got headphones, got spring break / A swimsuit and Coppertone 8 / 'Cause she's working on a tan / She's sitting in the sand / Chilling in a chair, flower in her hair" — Brad Paisley, "Working On A Tan"

A sunburn is NEVER in style, so grab that handy bottle of sunscreen and lather up, Brad Paisley style.

Tip #2: Grab a beverage

"Yeah, I'm sittin' pretty in Suntan City / With a cold one in my hand / (Yeah!) / Sittin' pretty, right here in Suntan City" — Luke Bryan, "Suntan City"

There's nothing like a relaxing beverage on the beach to put your mind at ease. Luke Bryan knows a thing or two about this little trick in "Suntan City."

Tip #3: Protect those peepers

"I wish you had on sunglasses to cover up those blue eyes / I wish you said something mean, maybe glad that you said goodbye..." — Jana Kramer, "Why Ya Wanna"

Jana Kramer's wish? You were covering up your eyes with sunglasses, not only because they're distracting, but because those SPF rays are scorching!

Tip #4: Throw on your cowboy hat

"From the hills of Kaycee, Wyoming / Where life's wooly and wild / Came a navy brat in a cowboy hat / And that Copenhagen smile" — Garth Brooks, "Good Ride Cowboy"

Honestly, what better way is there to cool off in the hot summer sun than to dust off your trusty cowboy hat and pop it on your head? Take it from Garth Brooks.

Tip #5: Hit up the ol' swimming hole

"Just a boy and his dog we were both full of fun / We grew up together that way / I remember the time at the old swimming hole..." — Johnny Cash, "Old Shep"

We don't know what beats the heat better than going down to the ol' swimming hole during the summer time. Johnny Cash knows where it's at.

Do you have any tips on hitting the beach from country lyrics? Let us know in the comments...