The Craziest Lines From 'Mercy', Kanye's New Song With Big Sean, Pusha-T & 2 Chainz

Fresh off dropping his Kim Kardashian inspired track "Theraflu," Yeezy's gone and dropped "Mercy" to the web, the first single off of the upcoming album from his G.O.O.D. Music label. The ensemble track — which we were expecting to hear tomorrow, by the way (GOOD Friday, anyone?) — features verses from Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chains, in addition to Yeezy himself.

After a few listens (Full disclosure: I've had it on repeat for over an hour now), I've decided to go on record with the craziest lines from each member's verse:

Big Sean:

"Now we out in Paris / I'm Perrier-in"

For those unfamiliar, Perrier makes carbonated water, and they do it well. Basically, Big Sean and the boys are lounging in Paris with some ice-cold, sparkling waters, which wouldn't be that cool of a visual if it weren't for this little song right here that you may have heard once or twice.

Pusha T:

"Check the chain, check the wrist / Them head's turnin', that's Exorcist"

Pusha hits us with a reference to the classic scene in The Exorcist where that girl's head spins all the way round. Except instead of the Devil being the one responsible, this time it's Pusha's ice.

Kanye West:

"I threw suicides on that private jet / You know what that means, I'm fly to death" 

So the suicide reference is a bit crude, but you've gotta appreciate Yeezy's wordplay for getting the point across that he is, in fact, "fly to death." Kanye's bold enough to throw down a line like this and not care what anybody says (for further evidence of this, see the PETA line in "Theraflu").

2 Chainz:

"All this Polo on I got horse power"

2 Chainz rocks a serious amount of Polo by Ralph Lauren, so much so that he's got horse power. Why? Because polo is played riding on the back of a horse, carrying a big mallett, and trying to whack a ball around. Ergo facto, he's got a whole lotta horse power. Get it?

What's your favorite lyric from "Mercy"? Tell us in the comments...