The Fashion Of: Nicki Minaj's Fly (ft. Rihanna)

Anybody else find it a little awkward that a snippet of Nicki Minaj & Rihanna's vid for "Fly" was aired during the MTV VMAs last night? Rihanna wasn't even there! Talk about a snub...

Anyhoo, remember our previous The Fashion Of post? Naturally, we thought we'd do the same feature with Miss Nicki and RiRi — two of the most fashionable ladies in pop. The girl-power duo strut their stuff amongst a somber plane crash, where their super-FLY (hehe, get it?) outfits really stand out against the bleary background. We're taking you through each of their cool styles, and as a bonus, click on the titles of the looks to get a wearable version from Polyvore!

Look 1: Junkyard Chic 

As Nicki fuses Lady Gaga & Marilyn Manson with a pink leather pinned-out dress and thigh-high buckled black boots (and signature Bride of Frankenstein wig), black & red haired Rihanna stays true to her cut-out video style and rocks a shredded frock that...doesn't leave much to the imagination. Classic RiRi! 

Look 2Chiffon Kandy Kid 

 Whenever I see anybody with bubblegum-pink hair, I think of Kandi Kids, aka those lil' tech-ravers sporting bright colours and plastic jewelry all up their arms. Obviously, Nicki's doin' it in her own way, with a contrasting gorgeous flowing chiffon gown and grey suede booties (for techno-dancing purposes, clearly).

Look 3: Speed Racer vs. Lady Leopard

Whoa, Rihanna: did you get sewn into that form-fitting zip-us dress? All you need is a helmet and you can speed off to the Land of Fierce. And of course, Ms. Minaj is channeling her inner scene girl with her most FABULOUS wig of all: LEOPARD! Would it be OK if I snagged one of those wigs, or would I just look crazy? Nicki pulls it off no problemo. 

Look 4: Mohawk'd Eskimo-Ninja

'Sup, snowbird? Clad in a pure white bodysuit that shows off her, erm, best assets, Nicki's final look helps her combat evil when she takes on an army of ninjas (I still can't figure out why that segment is in the video — she just wanted to show off her butt-kicking skills?). Topped with a Cruella-hued Mohawk wig and finished off with fur booties, the Harajuki Barbie knows how to keep her look cool and HAWT at the same time. Werk it, gurl.

What's your favorite look from "Fly"? Tell us below:

~ A.H.