The Fashion Of: Oh Land - White Nights

Oh Land (aka Nanna Øland Fabricius) is a Danish-Goddess-Pop-Fashion-Superstar. Ok, she might not be super well-known in North America yet but she's coming and she has the talent, fashion sense, and ethereal beauty to take us by storm. I was originally going to just make a post talking about the concept of the video but when I started watching it, I knew I had to talk about the fashion. Lemme break down all the stunning looks in White Nights:

The whole video is about dreams and subconscious so there are no limits in what can happen. Oh Land wakes up to a group of animal-masked people playing the drums. Pretty scary way to wake up but she's such a kook that she's not even fazed!

In fact, she's so cool with it that she hops out of bed in sparkly shoes, throws on a cape and dances against a background of...eyes?

Next she's in a grid-land, kind of like Tron, wearing tables as accessories. Girl knows how to color-block!

This Unicorn Princess look is definitely the most whimsical and my favorite look in the vid. This is my version of the best dream ever.

Not only can this girl sing, and dress, she can also tap dance!

After that little tap ditty, she moves on to a modern tribal dance number.

Making your body into an animal! Such a cool idea!

Lastly, she appears in an all-white getup as a dream lady with an epic headdress. I think this video merits a MetroLyrics Fashion Award for Most Wardrobe Changes In A Dream, doubt anybody else can keep up with Oh Land in this department!