The Killers Are On The Naughty List In Their New Holiday Video For "I Feel It In My Bones"

Continuing their annual tradition of releasing a Christmas song (or a full holiday album), The Killers have just put out "I Feel It In My Bones," a darkly comedic ditty about landing themselves on Santa's naughty list. The song, which is not to be confused with the band's other excellent song "Bones," got the video treatment recently and watching it might give you Christmas-themed nightmares. Just a heads up.

In the clip the band members are on Santas naughty list, and instead of not getting any presents they get a manacing visit from the man himself! Except in their alternate universe Santa has a red beard and hair, drives a chopper (motorcycle, duh), and terrorizes people with his growl and ominous smile.

What do you think of The Killers' new video — cute or creepy? Or both? Tell us in the comments...