The Killers' "Christmas In L.A." Lyrics Make Us Long For A White Christmas

We broke down the sunny-yet-saddening lyrics to the latest Xmas anthem from The Killers, ft. Dawes.

When it comes to Christmas music, it's easy enough to pen a song or two about snow falling, a roaring fireplace, and trimming the tree. But what if you're in a warm climate, like Los Angeles, and away from your family for the holidays? The Killers and Dawes decided that there ought to be an Xmas ode for the sadder times during the holiday season, so we're breaking down the lyrics to "Christmas In L.A.", the latest festive (well, somewhat festive) single from The Killers ft. Dawes:

Woke up, the sun streaming in my room
Warm beach from palm December afternoon
You close your eyes
Another year blows by
Somewhere in the wind
Just another life

Singing from the perspective of an actor living in L.A., this verse essentially explains how even though it's a lovely place to live from all the sunshine they get, in December, Los Angeles isn't the most Christmas-y of places to be living. It makes one realize that yet another year has gone by, and it wasn't all that special or memorable.

My parents sent a Christmas card and then it's true
We understand you're staying
And we're proud of you
There's a well-rehearsed disinterest in the atmosphere
I don't know if that's what this time gave me
Or if it lead me here

Unable to visit home for the holidays because of work, the actor realizes how nobody in L.A. is very attached to Christmas in the first place, and questions if he chose this life or if it's his destiny.

And I played so many parts
I don't know which one's really me
Don't know if I can take

Another Christmas in L.A.
Another pitcher of Sangria
In an empty beach café
Another Christmas in L.A.
Hold me tighter Carmelita
I don't know how long I can stay

Fed up with his actor life, playing so many parts he isn't sure who HE really is anymore, the actor begins to fall less and less in love with living in California. He'd prefer rum & eggnog over another pitcher of sangria!

Left a girl behind in my old man's truck
Sometimes I wonder where she ended up
Maybe she got married, had a couple of kids
Who do you think you're fooling man?
Of course she did

Of course, the actor then begins to think about how he ended up here, and thinks back to his ex-lover he left years ago. If he married her & had kids, would his life be better?

I'm walking in that tennis bar
Try and talk with Harry Dean
I don't know if I can take

Another Christmas in L.A.
Another casting call on Thursday
For a job that doesn't pay
Another Christmas in L.A.
Another burnout in a tank top
It seems your basket is the case

Referencing Harry Dean Stanton, the legendary actor and musician, he wants advice from the veteran, because being an actor out of work is clearly getting to him.

A fat protagonist in flip flops
With an extensive resume
From Echo Park to Catalina

Dreaming of a white Christmas
The one I used to know
Tree tops glisten, children listen
To sleigh bells in the snow

The final verse of the song has the actor lamenting how everybody in L.A. is more accomplished as an actor than himself: even somebody who isn't easy on the eyes. Then, he sings to himself a few bars from the classic "The Christmas Song", wishing he could be back at home. :'(

Watch the stunning music video for "Christmas In L.A." by The Killers ft. Dawes, starring Owen Wilson as the actor in question and even guest-starring Harry Dean Stanton:

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