The Lonely Island, Adam Levine, and Kendrick Lamar Show Us The True Meaning Of 'YOLO' On SNL

By now everyone knows that "YOLO" stands for "You only live once" and it's an expression that urges you to live your life to the fullest, take risks, and do the things you want to do because you only get one chance to live. Well, last weekend on SNL, comedy band The Lonely Island had a bit of a different interpretation of the phrase. On Saturday's episode, The Lonely Island boys teamed up with Adam Levine (the host of the night) and Kendrick Lamar (who was the musical guest) to present their own version of "YOLO."

The digital short urged listeners to be safe, stay indoors, don't drive cars (they're dangerous), don't trust the government, and various other paranoid pieces of advice that they say we should follow because we only live once. The result is a hilarious take on the popular motto that manages to be the exact opposite of what we think Drake meant for YOLO to be when he first popularized it in his song "The Motto."

Did the "YOLO" SNL digital short crack you up? What do you think of Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar's performances? Tell us below!