The 5 Most Romantic Songs On The Radio Right Now

Just in time for Valentine's Day, these popular Top 40 songs are perfect for the music lover in your life.

Ahh, Valentine's Day -- a special time to be with the one you love, plain and simple. Pop music and Valentine's Day really seem to go hand-in-hand, seeing as top 40 lyrics are usually penned to a significant other. There are definitely dozens of hot singles out there right now that gush over lovers, but it takes a certain lyric line to win us over this V-Day. So count down our favorite romantic jams that are on the radio right now and press play if you're ready to fall in looooooove:

5. John Legend ♥ All Of Me

"Give your all to me / I'll give my all to you / You're my end and my beginning / Even when I lose I'm winning...

4. Beyonce ♥ XO

"Your love is bright as ever / Even in the shadows / Baby kiss me / Before they turn the lights out..."

3. Miley Cyrus ♥ Adore You

"When you say you love me / Know I love you more / When you say you need me / Know I need you more / Boy I adore you..."

2. Katy Perry ♥ Unconditionally

"There is no fear now / Let go and just be free / I will love you unconditionally..."

1. One Direction ♥ Story Of My Life

"The story of my life I give her hope / I spend her love until she's broke inside..."

What romantic pop song are you dedicating to your significant other this Valentine's Day?