Check Out These Doodle-Tastic Handwritten Lyrics From The Nearly Deads

Lead singer Theresa Jeane penned out the words to new song "I Said"

When The Nearly Deads' lead singer Theresa Jeane (aka TJ) is done with a relationship, she really means it. The singer's punk-pop foursome recently dropped their debut record, Invisible Tonight, and the lead single "I Said" has TJ insisting she's never, ever getting back together with the guy in question. We can see ourselves borrowing the line "I see the way you're lookin' starin' at me / Like I'm some kind of girl who follows boys around the world" for our next Instagram lyric post.

In the pic above, you can see Theresa writing out the lyrics to "I Said", where she's added her personal touch with some eye-popping pencil work. Seriously — she's got killer doodle skills. To see the handwritten lyrics to The Nearly Deads' "I Said" in full, look no further:

(Click to enlarge)
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Watch the music video for "I Said" by The Nearly Deads, which is an homage to the epic 90s film Wayne's World. Party on!

The Nearly Deads' debut LP, Invisible Tonight, is available to download today off iTunes. Check out the band on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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