The New Rebecca Black? Watch Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" Music Video

Who could forget the first time they ever heard Rebecca Black's infamous (and infamously stupid) song "Friday?" At first, we couldn't believe our ears that the lyrics were so utterly dumb, and then we couldn't believe our eyes that the video was so silly, but you've got to admit, it made a splash! Well, now the folks that helped make Rebecca Black a star, Ark Music Factory, are back with a new viral video "hit" song: "It's Thanksgiving!"

The song is sung by tween girl Nicole Westbrook and it's very helpful if you forget what kind of food you're supposed to make on Thanksgiving ("With the turkey (ey!) / And mashed potatoes (ey!) / We we we are gonna have a good time") or if you forget all the holidays in the year ("December was Christmas / January was New Year's / April was Easter / And the Fourth of July but now it's Thanksgiving") or, you know, if you just wanna CELEBRATE!

Ok, it's ridiculous, but awesome at the same time. Happy Thanksgiving!