The Rolling Stones Hint At US Tour By Randomly Displaying Lyrics

Image c/o Larry Busacca (Getty)

Leave it to legendary rockers The Rolling Stones to come up with a genius gimmick to get people talking! The group's epic lips logo, song lyrics and the date 03/04/2013 are being displayed on video screens outside concert venues in major cities LA, San Francisco, and Boston. This can only mean one thing, according to their fans: this Wednesday, April 3rd, the band will potentially let out an official announcement that they're playing there! With their lyrics from songs like "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", "Start Me Up", and "Sympathy For The Devil" popping up outside these arenas, we can only hope that the hinted-at tour will include them performing all these classic tunes.

For now, here's a newer video for their song "Doom and Gloom" to get you pumped up:

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