The Shins Frontman James Mercer's Intimate Set

Tuesday, Macrh 20th is a big day for James Mercer and his band The Shins: they are scheduled to release their fourth studio album which also happens to be their first album in 5 years! They'll also be appearing on big-time web-series Live On Letterman for the first time!, and Mercer was interviewed by our friends at CBS to discuss his new album and The Shins' upcoming tour.

According to Mercer, Port Of Morrow deals with themes of love, family, and the duality of life (he explains this as "the beautiful and the grotesque intertwined") with the songwriter taking inspiration from his "new life" as a domestic family man. In the interview Mercer also talks about songwriting and his short attention span when working on songs: "I tend to write a lot of ideas but then just leave them in that infant form and kind of move on."

He gives us a sneak peak of the album by performing its first single "Simple Song":


The song is available for free download on The Shins website. Be sure to tune in to Live On Letterman to see the band perform live at 9pm (ET) on Tuesday, March 20th!