The Strokes "Is This It" Ten Year Anniversary!

Wow, can you believe it's been a decade already? Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the backseat of the car, annoying my parents as I sang along to the guitar solo in "Last Nite". Oh right, that was yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I did that when I was eleven, too, but the album is still just as timeless and relevant now as it was those many moons ago. 

"Is This It" has been praised as an album that caused a "sea change" in not just the contemporary rock scene, but in the music world altogether — both sonically and aesthetically. Not only did The Strokes pave the way for modern rock bands like The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, and Kings of Leon but they made it totally cool to not be into showering or doing laundry!

"Is This It" has received numerous accolades, earning spots in "Greatest Albums of All Time" lists in several prestigious publications like NME, Rolling Stone and Spin. 

"Last Nite" I think might be my favourite track on the album (cliche, I know). It's one of those songs that I'll probably always remember all the words to... Trust me, if this song comes up on a party playlist, you might wanna skip it because there's a good chance I'll be rockin' out to it on top of a table. Haters gonna hate.

PS. Never noticed the cigarette chillin' out on guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr.'s guitar neck. Too cool.