Get to Know Up-and-Coming Indie Rockers The Tontons

The quartet's lead singer, Asli Omar, got cheeky when she filled out our My Musical Mind questionnaire.

Remember that scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is forced to sleep inside the Tauntaun? That scene must have resonated with Houston, Texas natives The Tontons, seeing as they named their band after the legendary snow-lizard from the film. But more important than being named after a great Star Wars reference is the fact that The Tontons also make great music. The band recently dropped their sophomore LP, saucily-titled Make Out King and Other Stories of Love, and the album's first single "Magic Hour" depicts a relationship gone sour, with the telling lyrics being What he needs, I can't give / That seems to be our history / I'm the worst, I'm cursed, I'm done. But lead singer Asli Omar proves she's anything but down & out in her cheeky My Musical Mind questionnaire.

Turns our Asli has an awesome taste in music with her listing her last played track as St. Vincent's "Digital Witness," and it gets even better when she trolls us by saying the lyrics that most inspired here were written by Korn. Just kidding! Find out what makes The Tonton's Asli Omar tick in her handwritten My Musical Mind survey:
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Listen to The Tontons' latest song, "Magic Hour", off YouTube below:

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