The Wanted's Tom Parker Forgets Lyrics At the Billboard Music Awards

Oops! On Sunday's Billboard Music Awards show one of the guys from The Wanted must have been a little star-struck. When the boy-banders took the stage to sing their hit song "Glad You Came," band-member Tom Parker flubbed the lyrics. Instead of singing the line "I'm better/So much better now," Parker sang, "I'm never/I'm never down.

After a few fans took notice, Parker went on Twitter to laugh it off:

Glad he has such a good sense of humor about it because it's not the first time it's happened to him: when bandmate Siva spoke with CBS Local, he recounted another flub, "I was singing my verse in the song and Tom just sang with me," Siva said. "And I was like, 'Is this your part?' And he realized, he was like 'Oop!' [In front of] 15,000 people."

It's kind of endearing when artists mess up their lyrics sometimes, it proves their human! What do you think?