Things To Gift Fred Durst On His Birthday!

Do you know what day it is? Like I even need to remind you, I'm sure your calendars are marked. Fred Durst's birthday, duh! Can you believe this guy is 41? Yup, August 20, 1970. He's a pretty tough dude to shop for but don't worry, I've got you covered. Below you'll find some awesome gift ideas for Mr. Limp Bizkit himself!

1. Clothes that fit.... or a dryer!

Looks like Freddy's rockin' some hand me downs here. A more form-fitting track jacket would really show off his figure don't you think? OR you could get him a dryer so he could shrink all his oversized clothes himself! Brilliant. 

2. Actually, maybe just some new clothes altogether 

So, who wore it better? Oops nevermind, it's Fred Durst in both pics! Outfits repeats are so embarrassing so we should probably get Fred some variety in his closet. 

3. A day at the beach 

Omigosh Fred! You are looking pale, and not in a cool Edward Cullen way... like the sick way! We should hang at the beach and get our tan on.

4. A new car

That way he wouldn't have to steal Ben Stiller and Stephen Dorff's ride.