Things We Love about Courtney Love (On This Day In Music History...)

July 9, 1964: Courtney Love was born!

Woah we must be connected on some sort of ~*higher level*~ because we just posted about the Queen of Grunge yesterday! 

On Court's day of birth, we celebrate the things we love about Courtney Love:

1. Transparent clothes.

 No one pulls off a negligée like Courtney Love. She may not always be as tasteful as she is in the above screenshot, but when she gets it right, she knocks it outta the park. 

2. Red Lipstick

Yeah I know old hollywood did it first, but so what? I didn't see Marilyn Monroe rocking crimson lips with fishnets and Doc Martens. 

3. Barrettes

See that tiny blue thing in her hair on the left? Yep, that's a barrette, and it's not doing its job, it's just sorta hangin' out. And Courtney doesn't even care! Because what type of rocker would she be if she didn't whip her hair around while she sang? Listen ladies, these little girl barrettes are a must. But remember, you won't look cool if you actually use them to keep your hair out of your face.  

4. Craziness

So if you don't dig Courtney's style or music, she's always good for making everyone look less crazy. Thanks Court!