Think You Know Rap? Take 'The Rap Test'

The ultimate opportunity to measure your rap knowledge.

Behold The Rap Test, the ultimate opportunity to measure your rap knowledge. Created by 21-year-old Danny Friday, the interactive quiz works like this. You choose a rapper — Kanye, Drake, Jay Z, Kendrick, Eminem, or Meek Mill — and listen to short song snippets, doing your best to guess the title of each as quickly as possible. The faster you guess the correct answers, the more points you get, and the further you advance. As you get into higher rounds, the clock ticks faster and the songs get more obscure. To say it's addicting isn't doing it justice. I made it to level 9 of the Drake Test and I consider myself a pretty big Drizzy buff. Study up on your Drake lyrics and head over to The Rap Test and see if you can do better.

[h/t Fader]
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