3 Lovey-Dovey Duets For Valentine's Day


Do you have a honey you want to sing a romantic duet with this Valentine's Day? Or are you planning on admitting to your crush that you like them with a lovey-dovey ditty? Well, look no further, because we've scoured our Top 100 lyrics chart to find the three best romantic duets you can either perform, sing or play for your Valentine-to-be. We've mixed folk, pop, and a little bit of hip-hop into this list to appeal to all of your music tastes, so sit down and press play to get into the mood for V-Day this Thursday:

3. Jason Mraz — Lucky (featuring Colbie Caillat)

"I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend / Lucky to have been where I have been / Lucky to be coming home again..."

2. Pink — Just Give Me A Reason (featuring Nate Ruess)

"Just give me a reason / Just a little bit's enough / Just a second we're not broken just bent / And we can learn to love again..."

1. Justin Bieber — As Long As You Love Me (featuring Big Sean)

"As you love me we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke / As long as you love me / I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold..."

Do you have any other romantic duets you'd like to dedicate to someone this Valentine's Day? Share them with us!