Three Potential Breakup Songs For Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Images c/o AFP | Jason Kempin (Getty)

At this moment in time, it may only be an unconfirmed rumor, but gums are flapping about the so-called breakup of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Seeing as the couple got engaged last summer, this comes as a bit of a shock, especially because Miley had commented on her excitement for the wedding multiple times. Nevertheless, there is a chance this gossip could be the stone-cold truth, so we turned to Miley's lyrics to dedicate three songs to the couple that might be over...

3. Can't Be Tamed

"And every tomorrow is a day I never plan / If you gonna be my man understand / I can't be tamed"

Honestly, we don't think that Miley could be tamed at this point in her career! The gal is finally discovering herself and where she wants to go with her music, so being tied down with a fiance could be frustrating.

2. Who Owns My Heart

"And I feel you / Coming through my veins / Am I into you? / Or is the music to blame?"

At this point in Miley's life, she might be thinking: who owns my heart? She needs to remember that it's HER who matters most in her own life, and needs to take care of herself!

1. Goodbye

"But the one thing I wish I'd forget / The memory I wanna forget / Is goodbye..."

The two seemed very in love, regardless of the rumors, so we're sure that the two will share a very painful goodbye, if they haven't already. We hope you guys are holding up!
Do you guys think Miley & Liam broke up? What song would you dedicate to them? Let us know in the comments...