Gene Simmons Guest Stars as Himself on CSI

The KISS member and reality TV mogul lends his groupie knowledge to the hit crime show!

As a member of the shock-rock band KISS and a reality TV star / mogul in his own right, Gene Simmons is one of music's biggest movers-and-shakers. As you probably know, he's also got quite the reputation as a ladies' man, so when it comes to the newest episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation centred around a murdered rock groupie, the show knew who to call to guest-star on it!

Appearing on CSI as himself, Simmons helps investigate the murder of said groupie that has ties to a mysterious band, which definitely piques our interest (y'know, since we like music and all -- get your mind out of the gutter!). Catch a clip of tonight's episode, entitled "Long Road Home", where Gene gets mean as he's confronted as the potential murderer:

[UPDATE: Unfortunately this video is no longer available.]
News: Gene Simmons FINALLY Proposes!

Be sure to tune in to CBS at 10pm EST/PST on Wednesday, March 12th to catch Gene Simmons' special TV appearance!

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