Top Five Acts of Sasquatch! Music Festival 2011

Image credit Kyle Johnson via sasquatchfest Flickr

Surfer Blood
These guys were easily my favourite performance of the festival. Singer, John Paul Pitts, actually jumped off the stage, climbed over the crowd barrier and floated through the audience, all while still singing - much to the security guard's chagrin. Pitts' excuse? "I'm just trying to watch the band, man!" Adorable. Surfer Blood were rockin' out on borrowed equipment since their instruments had been stolen only four days prior to the fest, so it came as a huge surprise (and delight), when guitarist, Thomas Fekete went buck-wild at the end of the set and smashed his guitar. What a little hooligan. Also, I could have imagined this, but I swear he kept making eye contact with me! Then I went to the Best Coast show, where I actually stood right next to JPP but was too shy to say anything, which is probably for the better since I would have just proposed to him.
Sleigh Bells
There may only be two of them, but their energy swept up the entire Gorge Saturday night. Sleigh Bells played to Sasquatch's dance tent aka Banana Shack which was pretty much busting at the seams. It was my third year at Sasquatch and I have never seen that many people in my dance tent. Actually, there were probably more people standing on the outskirts than inside! Guitarist, Derek E. Miller destroyed the set as the duo's only instrumentalist, while Alexis Krauss, arguably one of the best front women in music at the moment, truly proved that ladies can rock out just as hard - scratch that - harder, than dudes.

Image credit Kyle Johnson via sasquatchfest Flickr


Swedish pop-sensation Robyn's set started off on the wrong foot, thanks to a 25 minute technical difficulty delay. But once the former 90s pop-darling emerged from backstage in some typically wild garb, the antsy crowd quickly realized why they came: to dance.
Robyn blitzed through 45 minutes of songs from her Body Talk album(s), including album highlights, Call Your Girlfriend, Don't F****** Tell Me What To Do, and Dancing On My Own, belting her mix of heartfelt lyrics and irresistible dance beats through the open air of the Gorge. Note: When there are thousands of other people dancing along with you, there's no shame in going buck-wild to Robyn. Even if you're a guy.

Image credit Christopher Nelson via sasquatchfest Flickr

Das Racist
Despite one member being notably late and another obviously intoxicated, Brooklyn rap trio Das Racist provided the festival with some much needed hip-hop absurdity. To call this simply a music show would be a disservice, as a good portion of the set involved Das Racist saying and doing the dumbest things they could think of. But what else would you expect from a group that began their route to internet-fame with a song called 'Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell'?
A live jazz-section backed the band as they eventually rapped material from their two mixtape discography. Oh, and just for good measure, member Heems gave the crowd an acapella rendition of one verse from Usher's "You Make Me Wanna." Game, set, match, Das Racist.

Major Lazer

Closing out the weekend in Sasquatch's popular Banana Shack tent, Major Lazer solidified their position in the running for best dance act of the weekend. Interspersing cuts from their reggae-dance inspired debut album Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do with remixes of top 40 hits, while managing to squeeze in some new material - including a track with dub-step wunderkind Skrillex - Major Lazer took the energy level of the weary Monday crowd to Friday heights. It was a fitting end to a jam-packed weekend of music.

**Homepage photo credit Christopher Nelson via sasquatchfest Flickr