T-Pain Puts His Own Materialistic Spin On Lorde's "Royals"

From "We'll never be royals" to "we drinkin' Crown Royal!"

Remember T-Pain, everybody? The Autotune-loving hip-hop performer decided to take Lorde's "Royals" lyrics and make a remix of the famous anti-materialism track, making it all about the Benjamins! That's right, he took the simple message that Lorde proclaims in her song ("We will never be royals") and put his pro-cash spin on it ("Seems like yesterday we was drinking Crown Royal"). It might sound like a ridiculous thing to do, given the original thought process behind "Royals", but T-Pain's remix is rather hilarious yet endearing.

"Now they tryin' to hate on us / And I just party on my bus", croons T-Pain in the remix, which replaces Lorde's "That kind of lux just ain't for us / We crave a different kind of buzz". Literally every line is replaced with its opposite thanks to T-Pain, and we kind of love it. Want to hear the "Royals" remix? Stream it below off YouTube:

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