Tribes Bring Swag To Grunge

Is 20 years a long enough time to pass for something to be revived? Well, as far as grunge is concerned it is.

You heard right, folks, grunge is back in a big way. So get out your stain ridden sweaters and that pair of Chuck Taylors with the hole at the toe that your mom hid from you, and while you're at it, stop washing your hair, too! But for those of us not totally down with grunge's hygiene habits, there are alternative ways to gain membership in the world of grunge. For instance, you might just wanna treat your ears to some dirty grunge rock music instead. Enter Tribes, a UK based grunge rock band on a steady rise to recognition who will serve as your sonic guides on your journey to grunge revival. 

You know those dreamy, dull eyed four guys at the end of your block holed up in their garage whose only proven existence are the sounds of tortured guitars and cigarette smoke leaking out the windows? That's Tribes. 

Tribes have swagger. But only the type of swagger that a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and a cigarette loosely resting in the corner of your mouth will get you. They're tough, aloof, and have just the right amount of "I don't care". Not to mention they've got the DIY attitude of grunge on lockdown with their fuzzy guitars, primitive drums and mumbly vocals that give a strong nod to Seattle's Godfathers of grunge, Nirvana.

Enticed yet? Head on over to Streetdate for a full stream of their EP We Were Children and then mark your calendars for their debut full album, Baby, which is set for a January 2012 release. Keep these guys on your radar and maybe, just maybe, their effortless cool will rub off on you.