Tribute: Remembering Aaliyah

[image courtesy of orangeintense]

Ten years ago today, we lost a true R&B gem: Aaliyah "Baby-Girl" Haughton, born in 1979 and tragically lost in 2001. Flying back to the US from the Bahamas after her "Rock The Boat" video wrapped, the lives of Aaliyah and her crew were taken after their plane crashed due to excessive weight (over 700 pounds!), an extra passenger, and a non-certified pilot. Passing at only 22 years old, it's safe to say that 'Liyah had so much more to show us in pop music. In honour of this "Queen Of The Damned" diva, we've compiled a list of artists who we think she could make awesome collabos with if she was still rockin' the boat in the music industry:

1. Beyonce
Rumour has it Aaliyah had a brief relationship with Jay-Z right before she started dating his Roc-A-Fella business partner, Damon Dash. Word on the street is that the tension between Dame and Jay was what caused Damon to step away from the label. As such, we think a collab with Jay-Z's missus, the Queen Bey herself, would be so perfect. Sort of a take on Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine," maybe? Awkward and amazing all at once.

2. Eminem
Em's aggressive flow would pair perfectly with Aaliyah's sweet, candy-coated voice. Em would spit some dark, twisted Slim Shady verses and Aaliyah's voice would come in as the hook for a little relief. We're thinking a more tasteful spin on "Love The Way You Lie".

3. Bjork
Her longtime makeup artist is quoted as saying that before her death, she had been introducing Aaliyah to some obscure pop acts like Bjork and Portishead. We'd love to see what Aaliyah's smooth voice and Bjork's quirky style would have created...

4. Justin Timberlake
The smooth-factor in an Aaliyah and Justin collabo is OFF the CHARTS. We'd also love to see them do a dance number. We're thinking that a mixture of "Try Again" and "Rock Your Body" would be uh-may-zing.

5. Lenny Kravitz
We'd be most stoked on the music video for a collaboration between Lenny and Aaliyah just because they're both so stylish. Lenny would be all afro'd out, wailing on a guitar while Aaliyah swivels around behind him in baggy Tommy Hilfiger jeans, a backwards cap and some sunglasses. STYLE OVERLOAD.

Here's Aaliyah's iconic vid for "Rock The Boat", which includes a touching message at the beginning:

"As we watch this vision of an angel, we will remember her spirit flying free along with the eight others who were with her. They soar together with our eternal love."  

RIP Aaliyah & crew
1979 - 2001

- AH, AL & SJ