Usher's New Single "Lemme See" With Rick Ross

Continuing with his trend of releasing new songs early on Soundcloud like he did with "Climax", Usher dropped his new single unofficially on Monday. The song is called "Lemme See" and it features Rick Ross rapping (and grunting, of course). This new track sounds a bit more like classic Usher and doesn't push the boundaries of what his fans expect from him the way "Climax" did.

In the song, Usher challenges the girl he's into to show him some action and prove she's not just all talk. Then Rick Ross comes in in true Rick Ross fashion to bulk up the song with rap-boasts about expensive cars, clothes, and shoes. Lyrically it's nothing as deep as his last offerring but "Lemme See" seems to have bigger mainstream potential. Hear it for yourself:

What do you think of the new song? Do you think it will be a chart topper? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!