Victoria Justice + Max Schneider's "Maroon 5 Medley" Lyric Video

Are you a fan of the Nickelodeon TV shows Victorious and/or How To Rock? Each of the show's stars, Victoria Justice and Max Schneider, teamed up to film a unique lyric video that we've never quite seen before. Creating a whole new tune using Maroon 5's catchy hits, the pair also showed off the lyrics in the video in creative ways as they run through different rooms of a house. Mashing up the lyrics of Maroon 5's *takes breath* "Moves Like Jagger", "Makes Me Wonder", "Payphone", "She Will Be Loved", "Sunday Morning", "Won't Go Home Without You", "Misery", and "This Love" *releases breath*, Victoria and Max show off their pipes as they showcase Maroon 5's lyrics on computers, TVs, chalkboards, and more...

Watch the fun-filled, catchy lyric vid below:

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