Video: Gorillaz, James Murphy & André 3000 - DoYaThing

Remember when we asked for an Andre 3000 comeback? Well, this is only one song so it doesn't quite suffice, but it is an unexpected collaboration with awesome results. Converse (yeah, the shoe company) had the idea last year to do weird collabos between artists who might not otherwise work together. They started with a Matt & Kim/Andrew W.K./Soulja Boy song and now we have a Gorillaz/James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem)/ Andre 3000 joint!

The song is called DoYaThing, the video is animated of course, and the lyrics are bonkers. Like lots of Gorillaz songs, the lyrics are pretty non-sensical but the words sound good together all the same, which is a testament to Damon Albarn's lyrical prowess. Andre 3000 and James Murphy aren't bad lyricists themselves and their verses are equally crazy.

Here's the video, and make sure to check out the lyrics to "DoYaThing" so you can follow along!

What do you think of the new song?