Video: Gotye - Easy Way Out

Gotye came seemingly out of nowhere with his song "Somebody That I Used To Know" and climbed the MetroLyrics charts to his current spot at #5. It was one of the fastest climbing songs we've seen in recent history and it's no wonder: the song is good. The best thing to accompany a good song is a good video and the "Somebody That I Used To Know" video achieved that.

Gotye spoke in an interview about how art has influenced his music and videos immensely and it is easy to see in his new video for "Easy Way Out". Like with his previous hit single, he took the lyrics to "Easy Way Out" and translated them into an engaging visual experience. This video reminds us of Michel Gondry films like Be Kind, Rewind and The Science of Sleep because of its surrealism, use of stop-motion, and props.

The video and song are about how some people live life as if they're going through the motions, doing everything they think they're supposed to do but never being satisfied. Sometimes life can feel like a hamster-wheel and this video and lyrics highlight that:
Brain-dead from boredom
I'm led to distraction
Scratching the surface of life
Nothing really happens
But it's easy to keep busy
When you tell yourself you're traveling right

Check out Gotye's "Easy Way Out" video and his warning about what can happen when you drift through life in the rat race: