Video: Lady Gaga - Marry The Night

I'm gonna marry the night / I won't give up on my life / I'm a warrior queen / Live passionately tonight

The video for Marry The Night is finally here, Monsters! We were so excited to watch it tonight because, as fans, we follow Lady G on Twitter and she has been teasing this video for weeks! The tweet that got us most excited was this one

So is the video honest? All signs point to: YES. Also; insane, fun, disturbing, and glamorous. Lady Gaga said on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show that the video depicts the day when she was dropped from Island/Def Jam records via a phone call from LA Reid. 

In the video, she is shown in a hospital (which she calls "the clinic") seemingly after an operation. She tells the nurse "I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna be a star," with so much emotion that you know she's drawing from her own life and drive. She is then seen in a grungy apartment where a friend brings her the phone. It seems like a devastating phonecall (which is where the record-company dumping is referenced) and she starts crying. She goes nuts and starts humming Marry The Night and pouring cereal (?) on herself! Then the dancing begins and the song kicks in. 

The video is a highly artistic representation of Gaga's life as a struggling artist (before The Fame), and dancer, and a star. The song is clearly about embracing who you are, your dark side, and pursuing your dream — as Gaga did with rejection after rejection. It's a triumphant anthem for anyone who has ever felt disappointed. 

What do you think the video is about? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments!