VIDEO PREMIERE: Morning Parade Does An Acoustic Session Of Their Single "Headlights"

We know UK band Morning Parade as energetic rockers with a guitar and synth-driven sound but what happens when you unplug their instruments? Surprise, surprise, they still sound amazing! In this unexpected but beautiful acoustic session, Morning Parade performs their song "Headlights" unplugged and accompanied by a string quartet.

On top of it all, the video was shot in the sunlight on the banks of England's famous River Thames which makes for some gorgeous scenery to accompany the pure acoustic sound. Check it out:

Want more Morning Parade? Hear the regular version of their single "Headlights" and see how it compares to the acoustic version above. The band also showed off their handwriting earlier this year when they gave us a handwritten lyrics sheet!

Morning Parade's self-titled album is available on iTunes.

What do you think of the "Headlights" acoustic session? Tell us all your thoughts below...